Welcome to the Staff Resources page. You can access the SISD document library, login to various services, submit work orders or access your training accounts and resources.

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Document Library

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SISD Google Account

Click here to access the SISD Google account. Look under "Training" for help.

You can login to your staff SafeSchools account by clicking one of the links below. Note that the following courses are mandatory: Bloodborne Pathogen, Bullying, FERPA, Hazard Communications, and Sexual Harrassment.

SISD Staff:  http://sisd.mi.safeschools.com/login

St. Charles Staff:  http://stccs.mi.safeschools.com/login

Technology Training: https://sites.google.com/a/sisd.cc/technologytraining/

Google Apps Help: http://sites.google.com/a/sisd.cc/google-apps-help/

School Dude:  https://www.myschoolbuilding.com/myschoolbuilding/MyGateway.asp?acctnum=827086032