What Are Mini-Trips?

Mini-Trips are unique field trip opportunities to get your students outdoors and experience nature first hand.

Each Mini-Trip lasts approximately 90 minutes in length. The cost is $5.00 per person with a $75.00 minimum per trip.

A Day Trip consists of two 90 minute sessions with a break for a sack lunch. The cost is $10.00 per person with a $150.00 minimum per trip.

Please call (989) 865-6295 during regular business hours to register. Mini-Trips are programs offered to any classroom that is able to visit the outdoor education center. The basic mini-trip program is aimed toward lower elementary students, but may be adapted to any grade level.


There are many different Mini-Trips to select from during your registration. See below for the complete list:

  • PEOPLE OF THE WOODS — A visit to a replica Woodland Native American Campsite.
  • SCHROEDER LOG CABIN — A visit to a century-old home from the Michigan Frontier .
  • COAL MINE NO. 8 — A visit to the site and museum of Michigan's longest running coal mine.
  • FOWLER ONE-ROOM SCHOOL — A mini-visit of our popular one-room school program.
  • WETLAND ROMP — Explore our wetlands in search of aquatic organisms.
  • TREE ID AND LEAF COLLECTION — An Autumn opportunity to identify and collect leaves.
  • WILDFLOWER ADVENTURE — Identify the wildflowers along Hartley's Nature trails.
  • INSECT TREASURE HUNT — Catch, classify, and release insects and their kin.
  • MINI ARCHAEOLOGY DIG — Uncover artifacts from Michigan's coal mining days.
  • SUCCESSION: AN ECOLOGY STUDY — Travel through 100 years of changes within the Forest.