The "heart" of the Hartley program is the overnight outdoor experience!  Students stay overnight in dorms  with bunk beds, attend classes in our great outdoors,  and dine in our lodge-style cafeteria.

The Residential Outdoor Education Program is the largest service Hartley provides to the school districts of the Saginaw area and beyond. Over 13,000 students annually have participated in the Hartley program since 1975. Registrations are mailed in February and will be accepted until filled for the following year. Smaller groups are accepted or they may combine with another small group. During their stay students will experience a variety of hands-on  outdoor classes to enhance their classroom learning.

The Trading Post

During your visit, you and your students will have the opportunity to visit our on-site gift shop—The Trading Post—to purchase from an assortment of gifts, clothing, accessories and other fun outdoor-related items. If students plan to visit the gift shop, we always advice that they first obtain permission from their teachers. To learn more about our on-site gift shop, click here.


The following is an example of Hartley Outdoor Education Center's Residential Program daily schedule:

  • 7:00AM — Wake Up
  • 8:00AM — Breakfast
  • 9:00AM — Outdoor Education Classes
  • 11:30AM — Free Time
  • 12:00PM — Lunch
  • 1:00PM — Inspection of Dorms
  • 1:30PM — Outdoor Education Classes
  • 4:00PM — Free Time
  • 5:00PM — Supper
  • 6:00PM — Inspection of Dorms
  • 6:30PM — Evening Program & Recreation
  • 9:00PM — Snacks & Showers
  • 9:30PM — Bedtime