What does a "Traveling Naturalist" entail?

Requesting a Traveling Naturalist means that one of our Hartley Naturalists will travel to your school with an exciting and interactive program as per your request. There is no bus cost included in the fee of this offer.

What programs are offered?

The following programs are currently available:

The French Voyageur:

Relive a year in the life of a French Voyageur as Jean-Paul LeFranc guides your class from Montreal to the Grand Portage in Minnesota and back. Students will actively participate in the program while learning the different duties men had within the canoe, the food they ate, their unusual form of dress, the purpose of the French Voyageurs, and the purpose of their trip.

Slithers, Shells and Slimy Ones:

Get an up close and personal look at some of the reptiles and amphibians of Michigan including Shirley the Box Turtle (star of the "Lost in the Woods" movie). The characteristics of reptiles and amphibians are reviewed; their habits and life styles are discussed; and their importance to us as indicators of climate change may be included in the presentation. A typical presentation includes at least five living specimens.

Abraham Lincoln - Honest and Lucky:

The 16th President makes a special appearance in your school to share with you his life from childhood to his death. He will share little known facts and personal accounts about how he was honest and about how he was lucky. You will feel that you have just met the man in the tall hat and beard personally, and you did!

Pioneer Tools and Toys:

Take a trip back to yesteryear as you learn about the tools and toys of the early settler. Students will learn about several tools used by the early settlers in their daily chores. Then, since "all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy", students will experience some of the fun children of the "olden days" had while playing with some of the toys.


  • (1) Classroom — $250.00
  • (2) Classrooms on the same day — $425.00
  • (3) Classrooms on the same day — $600.00
  • Assembly (3 or more classes in the same room) — $550.00

*Hartley defines a "classroom" as 35 people or less and one class period (approximately 1 hour)

Call Hartley at (989) 865-6295 to schedule.