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Kit #2 I Spy Numbers

The second Math in the Mail kit is based around the book, I Spy Numbers by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick


PNC Grow Up Great Math is Everywhere

What fun ways did you explore math with your Math is Everywhere packet?

Did you watch the fun DVD and sing together?

Post pictures on the Math in the Mail facebook page and add #PNCGrowupGreat and #MathintheMail

I Spy numbers


Did you play “I Spy” in your home? What did you find?

0001 (2)

What did Harry’s hair look like? Did your child also give Harry “hair cuts”?

Post pictures on the Math in the Mail facebook page !

linking and hands

Did you and your child find more activities for the Linking Sets?

What did your chain link patterns look like? Did you try new color combinations?

Post pictures on the Math in the Mail facebook page !

Preschool age children learn using all of their senses! Check out these songs and videos on YouTube:

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

On the Farm (counting song)

10 Little Numbers

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Remember that talking with your child about what they are watching will help them learn!

Use open-ended questions like “What do you notice?” and “What do you think about…?”

After you have worked with your I Spy Numbers kit several times, please complete the I Spy Numbers Post-Kit Survey.

Note: The next kit won’t be sent until the post-kit survey is received, and completing the survey enters your child into a drawing for a prize!

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