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sorting at the market

The fifth Math in the Mail kit is based on Math Around Us: Sorting at the Market

How many times have you read Sorting at the Market together?



Cooking and baking are natural opportunities for measuring!

Find some healthy recipes here.


Measuring Tools

ruler or measuring tape are often used for measuring,  but children can learn the concept of measurement using  non standard units of measure (items that are all the same size and type), or by using one item over and over to measure another item.

What have you and your child used to measure? Share it on the Math in the Mail Facebook page!


Thank you to the health and nutrition partners who contributed to this kit!

Saginaw ISD Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

 Michigan State University Extension

Mid-Michigan Waste Authority



Find a Summer Food Service Program site near you!


Sort   Classify   Order   Sequence    Shortest to Longest    Biggest to Smallest   Measure

Taller than   Shorter than  Wider than  Narrower than  Length  Volume  Weight  Area  Time  Centimeter  Inches  Feet  Distance  Increase  Decrease  Heavier  Lighter

 “I think…”  “I wonder…”  “I see…”  “Why…?”

Measurement Glossary


Thank you to the Saginaw Career Complex Careers in Education class for their leadership in the design of the Sorting at the Market kit!


After you have worked with the Sorting at the Market kit several times, complete the Sorting at the Market Post Kit Survey!