On behalf of the Saginaw Intermediate School District (SISD) team, it is an honor that you are taking time to learn more about this robust educational service institution. Whether you are a parent, student, educator, community member, business representative, or an individual seeking further information about SISD, I am certain you will find SISD's website full of important information and resources.

Saginaw Intermediate School District is one of fifty-six regional service districts established by Michigan's state legislators in 1962. SISD serves twelve local school districts as well as a number of public school academies, and private parochial schools located across Saginaw County. Funded in part by local millage, SISD seeks to provide exceptional services to those served by SISD team members.

SISD provides direct student services as well as a number of support services to educators and educational leaders across the Great Lakes Bay Region. SISD services students from infancy to age 26. Programs at Millet Learning Center and Transitions Center serve students with various needs from preschool to age 26. SISD Head Start and Early Head Start along with the Great Start Readiness Program provide quality preschool services to children across the county. Hartley Outdoor Education Center focuses on experiential learning in an outdoor setting and includes a number of STEM opportunities. SISD also provides supports for local school districts in areas of special education ancillary staff, professional learning opportunities, technology support, business/finances, pupil accounting/truancy, etc. Please take time to read through SISD's Annual Report to find the most up-to-date information regarding programs and services provided by SISD.

As seen by the myriad of services SISD supports, the SISD website displays the complexity and diversity of the district's vision: SISD will be recognized by its customers as the first and best source of solutions, always. SISD team members are dedicated to the mission of providing effective and innovative educational leadership, services, resources, and programs that meet or exceed the expectations of our diverse community.

I am honored that you are taking time to learn more about SISD. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions you have regarding the services and programs offered by Saginaw Intermediate School District.


Kathy Stewart, Superintendent