Hartley Outdoor Education Center

Hartley Outdoor Education Center students experience fun and unforgettable moments while exploring nature, wildlife, natural resources, history, and cultures through virtual or in-person interactive learning. Hartley offers a variety of STEM classes in categories like earth science, life science, and physical science. 

With 300 acres of natural habitat, including hardwood forests, wetlands, meadows, ponds, and a creek, Hartley is home to the Coal Mine No. 8 Historical Site & Museum, Schroeder Log Cabin, Fowler One-room School, Murphy Farmhouse, Henige Log Cabin, Murphy Farm Learning Center, and a future Net Zero Greenhouse. Hartley is also the site of Saginaw County’s only identified Nature Preschool, Muphy Farm, in partnership with Saginaw ISD’s Head Start programs. 

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