Saginet is an educational fiber-optic network serving Saginaw County. The purpose of Saginet is to form a non-profit educational consortium and install a high-capacity fiber-optic educational telecommunications system that will provide interactive voice/video/data interconnections and services to multiple sites for educational purposes. 

Educational purposes include: 

  • Distance learning
  • Research and the operations of educational institutes to provide for the governance, operation, maintenance, and expansion of the system
  • Develop and implement policies concerning the use of the system

Through Saginet, students are able to communicate with each other in real-time throughout Saginaw County and the world. Students and teachers can participate in virtual field trips, conduct educational events, and share classrooms. Students and teachers aren't the only ones who benefit from the telecommunications network – school administrators are able to communicate with each other during emergencies. Saginet provides students, teachers, and school personnel with the lowest cost long-distance provider and a high-speed Internet connection.