Happy Birthday Michigan! #SaginawISD #OurStory
6 days ago, Scott Sawyer
The SISD YCAN program had a blast touring the different S.C.C. programs on Wednesday!
7 days ago, Linzy Barr
Welding at S.C.C.
Animal and Agriculture at S.C.C.
Animal and Agriculture at S.C.C.
Medical Careers at S.C.C.
The Saginaw ISD's Youth Ambassador Program - Cohort #2 spent the day yesterday in intense leadership training and preparation for next year's district and community projects which are designed to promote Saginaw County as a great place to "work, live, and play."
7 days ago, Dennis Barlow
Cohort #2 (YAP2IT) in leadership training
Alivia Kerridge (Birch Run), addressing Cohort #2 during leadership training
All "charged up" to make a #positive impact today! 🙂 #OurStory #KidsDeserveIt #SaginawISD @JeffreyJCollier
7 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
Be the ORANGE in a World of GREEN, Dear Friends! Share your positive story today!#OurStory #SaginawISD #HappinessAdvantage
7 days ago, Viloshinee Murugan
Be the ORANGE in a World of GREEN, Dear Friends! Share your positive story today!#OurStory #SaginawISD #HappinessAdvantage
@SaginawISD Teamwork makes the dream work!
7 days ago, Scott Sawyer
group photo
The last of the December Medicaid Logging thank you gifts were delivered this morning to Saginaw Township Early On Service Provider Kelly Kiss! Congratulations to all our winners!! Looking forward to next month's deliveries. #SaginawISD
7 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
Kelly Kiss
A big thank you to Cupcakes and Kisses of Owosso for the awesome treats! We were entered into their Win Something For Your Workplace Wednesday and won. #HartleyOEC #SISD
7 days ago, Samantha Simons
Group of people
Wonderful Wednesday afternoon at the Saginaw Career Complex! Sophomores from Arthur Hill, Carrollton, and Saginaw High Schools delve into their CTE options! #cteworks #ctestrong
7 days ago, Amanda Koch
Dana Polzin’s Post Secondary POHI students enjoy following seated workouts with our adaptive PE teacher, Jeremy Kaul. #MilletMustangs #PolzinPOHI
7 days ago, Dana Polzin
staff and students following a workout
students follow a workout
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7 days ago, Mark Lyons
Online classes
Millet Mustangs were practicing their communication and decision-making skills today while voting in a “just for fun” survey. The question was, “Do you think tomorrow will be a Snow Day or a School Day?” #SaginawISD #PolzinPOHI #MilletMustangs
8 days ago, Dana Polzin
student making selection
student making choices
staff making choices
student making choices
Mark Lyons and Viloshinee Murugan are planning an amazing start to Black History Month. Please sign up and join us on Feb 1st from 2-4 pm to immerse yourself into the VR Experience called Traveling while Black. https://forms.gle/pdEPtK7JpDW5N1u77
8 days ago, Viloshinee Murugan
VR Headsets
VR Headsets
VR Headsets
GLBEC students participate in hands-on learning experiences in Mr. Conklin's Science Methods Course. Hazen Stevens collects gasses and confirms the ideal gas law. Makenna Stagray successfully makes the product she predicted and researched. #SaginawISD #GLBEC #EarlyCollege
8 days ago, Kevin Summey
HZ 1
HZ 2
HZ 3
HZ 4
Winter Wednesday Morning for Birch Run, Hemlock, SASA, Swan Valley, and Transitions Center students on a snowy sophomore CTE exploration day at the Saginaw Career Complex! #cteworks #ctestrong
8 days ago, Amanda Koch
Do you keep seeing #OurStory on your feed? If you want to learn more about our positive storytelling initiative, click here: https://podcast.schoolceo.com/episodes/jeffrey-collier-collective-authorship-hCcRtPTO?fbclid=IwAR35cqVpSht3TZZmo0Hg7ObIeIBI3M_2qhHeY9nLt8aVKhrAkQH_U5fUmWo&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
8 days ago, SISD Communications Team
Stephanie Eickholt captured some fun at the Brucker Parent Club! #SaginawISD #OurStory
8 days ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Pizza and Bingo
Parent/Child Activity
Bingo winners!
CAN Council
Chief of Staff Coty Kuschinsky and #MilletMustangs staff had a successful training in Our Story! We can’t wait to see all of the wonderful moments you catch and share. #SaginawISD
8 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
our story
Breakout boxes combine critical thinking, creativity, collaboration & communication. Create your very own digital breakout box to engage students using Google tools like Sites, Docs, Drawings and Forms. Starts Feb. 6, earn 10 SCECHs. Register now: https://bit.ly/remcdigbreak
8 days ago, Mark Lyons
Breakout Box, make your own
Tenth grade career days at the Saginaw Career Complex are here! Students from all over Saginaw County attend three programs of their choosing to explore careers of interest through hands-on experiences! Students may then work with their high school counselors to select a program of interest to sign up for, that aligns to their career goals. Note: SCC open house is February 2, 5-7pm! All are welcome!! Saginaw Career Complex is located at 2102 Weiss. We hope to see you there!
8 days ago, Jenny Geno
Physical therapy and sports medicine
Animal and Ag Science
Nursing Occupations
Information technology and cybersecurity