Congratulations to Corie Calcutt on 10 years with the Saginaw ISD!
7 days ago, Erin Stevenson
Recognizing 10 years of Service with The Saginaw ISD!
#DidYouKnow these are just some of the special education services #SaginawISD offers to students around our county? For more information on the millage, please visit:
7 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
At this weeks Delta Project workshops, students were provided information about financial aid and the process for applying. Students that participate in the program learn about self-advocacy, teamwork and how to access various services as they transition from high school to post secondary education. Delta Project workshops are held twice per month at the Transitions Center.
8 days ago, Mitchell Wheatcraft
Delta Project
Delta Project
Check out this months STW Newsletter! #STW
8 days ago, Mitchell Wheatcraft
This young man (and his twin brothers) moved all the way from Colorado to take advantage of Michigan’s special education laws that currently enable students to receive services until the age of 26. Although they were apprehensive after such a big move, all of the boys are quickly learning just how awesome it is to be a #MilletMustang!
8 days ago, Julie Clauss
Special Education Supervisors, Liz Mulligan and Lauren Birnbaum, representing at the New Employee Orientation this morning. #SaginawISD #SpecialEd
8 days ago, Elizabeth Mulligan
The #SaginawISD is a proud new member of the #SVSU Employer Partnership Program. Part of the program includes full access to all career fairs, and we love any opportunity to engage with our community to #shareourstory. So, what are you waiting for!? It’s time to #joinourteam!
8 days ago, Alyssa Aguirre
career fair
#SaginawISD staff and friends from around the state having a great Friday focused on Implementaion and Improvement Science.
8 days ago, Vic Bugni
Dr.Taylor in deep discussion.
The Saginaw ISD Assistive Technology team Jessica Bluhm, Ashleigh Trato, and Molly Lorencz spent the day collaborating with Katie Butzu and the AT TEAM from Bay Arenac ISD! #SaginawISD #OurStory
8 days ago, Jessica Bluhm
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology
"Orange" You Glad it is Friday!!!! Transitions Center students are representing the color of Happiness today!
8 days ago, Lindsey Jakes
Orange Day!
Coty Kuschinsky training new SISD employees on Thrillshare and Our Story at New Employee Welcome. #SaginawISD #OurStory
8 days ago, Andrea Wise
New Employee Welcome
New Employee Welcome
Middle School STEP team at new employee training. #SaginawISD # ourstory
8 days ago, Aaron Winslow
Middle Scjool STEP team
Sharing about mutual friends, colleagues, and experiences at new hire orientation. #SaginawISD #SaginawCTE #WelcomeToTheTeam
8 days ago, Amanda Koch
Spreading sunshine and positivity at new hire meet and greet! #saginawisd #newfriends
8 days ago, Garrett Good
new hire meet and greet
8 days ago, Jessica Guy
Bee Pike and Tuesday Rogers attended the New Employees Orientation for #SaginawISD this morning. Both are new staff members at #HatleyOEC
8 days ago, Bee Pike
two people posing together for a selfie
Orange frog live at new hire training #saginawISD #ourstory
8 days ago, Sierra Anderson
orange frog
Coty Kuschinsky is leading new #SaginawISD emoloyees on training with Thrillshare and #OurStory!
8 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
Scott Sawyer and Andrea Wise are conducting the first Employee Welcome Cohort this morning #SaginawISD #OurStory
8 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
new employee welcome
Looking for ways to spruce-up your presentations? This course will help you integrate tech tools such as Padlet, Prezi, Google Slides and more to maximize audience engagement. Participants earn 10 SCECHs. Register now! Course starts Oct. 3rd:
8 days ago, Mark Lyons
Preparing Professional Presentations