Welcome to "Our Story," an innovative communications initiative here at Saginaw ISD designed to elevate our organizational narrative through the power of collective authorship. Through our Thrillshare application, every staff member has the platform to contribute their unique voice, insights, and experiences, thereby painting a fuller, richer picture of who we are as a community. More than a storytelling exercise, this initiative aims to harness the principles of positive psychology to uplift our organizational culture, inspiring greater positivity and a stronger sense of community among our staff. By sharing our individual journeys, we come together to write a shared story that embodies the values, aspirations, and spirit of Saginaw ISD. Join us as we pen the chapters of "Our Story," collectively shaping the identity and culture that makes us who we are.


Saginaw ISD provides its team members a professional development opportunity to not only tell "Our Story" but become certified authors for our organization. This program is in partnership with Credly by Pearson, which allows Saginaw ISD staff to earn badges that display their learning process and journey to become "Platinum Authors" and chief influencers of positive storytelling.



Bronze Level certification training teaches authors how to download, log in, and utilize the Thrillshare platform through a mobile app or desktop access to share positive stories as they happen in real-time at Saginaw ISD. After viewing the entry-level video module course below, Bronze Level authors can utilize Saginaw ISD's communication platforms and maintain access for one year.


At Saginaw ISD, we use Credly by Pearson to issue digital badges for the successful completion of "Our Story" trainings. These badges are far more than tokens of completion; they are portable credentials that can be showcased on LinkedIn, incorporated into email signatures, or even cited as evidence of professional development. Recognizable and verifiable, these badges provide a dynamic way to display your expertise and commitment to ongoing learning.




Go to www.thrillshare.com or download the application on your mobile device.


Log in using your Saginaw ISD email and password or by clicking "log in with Google" (you may have a two-factor authentication at this point)


If you haven't already, please upload a profile photo by clicking on your name in the right-hand corner and clicking the pencil next to your name. You also need to upload a photo under the "profiles" section of this same page. This feature is only available on the desktop version of Thrillshare.


To start your first positive storytelling post, we will need you to head to the "media" section of your menu and click Livefeed if you're on your desktop or just Livefeed for the app version.


Once you're on Livefeed, you can create your post by typing in the message box or clicking the red plus sign on the app version. For the desktop, you can go ahead and start, but for the app, you will need to click Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Livefeed until they are all purple.


Now let's get to maybe the best part, the photos! On your mobile device, you will click the small picture icon, or on the desktop, you will click "upload an image" this will send you to your photo album on your device or your downloads folder on your desktop. 


You can then choose up to ten photos you would like to post. Once your photos are uploaded, you must choose an alternate text for each one. This is a part of the Americans with Disabilities Act and keeps our posts accessible to everyone in our community.


Once that is done, you are ready to press "publish" this then goes to a moderator to double check, which then can be edited if needed, and then approved!



Silver Level certification training teaches users how to enhance their caption writing, photography, and hashtag usage to share positive stories as they happen in real-time at Saginaw ISD. After achieving Bronze level certification, the user must attend three (3) Silver Level courses and maintain one (1) post a week for one (1) month to receive the Silver Badge.

This training level is currently under construction and will be released soon.


Gold Level certification training teaches users how to be better storytellers with courses focused on finding the story, using the "news" function to write longer articles, and strategizing the post. After achieving Silver level certification, the user must attend three (3) Gold Level courses and maintain two (2) posts a week for one (1) month to receive the Gold Badge. Users must post 80 times a year or move on to Platinum Level.

This training level is currently under construction and will be released soon.


Platinum Level certification training teaches users how to be the ultimate representation of Saginaw ISD. Platinum users are expected to mentor one (1) coworker to join the program and support their process. Once reaching the final level of the program, users must post 100 times a year to renew and attend monthly Our Story program meetings as well as public events on behalf of our organization.

This training level is currently under construction and will be released soon.


orange frog

At Saginaw ISD, the Orange Spot program is a recognition initiative that celebrates staff members who demonstrate positive behavior in the workplace. Similar to an employee of the month program, Orange Spot winners are chosen once a month from nominations submitted through our Thrillshare platform. Staff members who exhibit "orange" behavior, such as going above and beyond in their work, demonstrating kindness and respect to others, and embodying the district's core values, are eligible for the award. The Orange Spot program is a way for the district to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of its staff members and to encourage a positive and supportive work environment.




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E-mail: ckuschinsky@sisd.cc