The following County-wide groups will have regular meetings and learning opportunities throughout the year. Each group will focus on specific topics to improve district capacity in areas that are important to successful functioning of our schools. The Instructional Services calendar can be searched for any of these groups that individuals may find pertinent to their work.

For more information on any of the following groups, please get in touch with the Saginaw ISD Instructional Services department.

Coaching Alliance

These sessions provide an opportunity for county coaches to learn alongside each other, refine routines, and develop coaching skills. Participants will investigate researched coaching skills aligned with the Essential Coaching Practices through collaborative inquiry, authentic scenarios, and literature review and study.

Target Audience: PK-12 coaches for all subjects

Principals LEAD

Principals across Saginaw County will join together for professional learning, round-table discussion, and updates from the state.  Topics pertinent to the theory and practice of the principalship will be presented on a monthly basis.  Optional networking time will be an addition to each session.

Target Audience: Building Principals and Assistant Principals

Systems Work

Meetings will focus on systems work through both the MTSS and MiCIP processes.  Presentations on pertinent information will be provided.  The group members will engage in implementation strategies, written processes, and discussions to address best practices.  Time will be dedicated to teamwork in data review, root cause analysis, needs assessment, and strategy selection.

Target Audience: District teams focused on systems work, MTSS teams, MiCIP teams

McKinney-Vento Liaisons

County McKinney-Vento liaisons will meet virtually to share best practices, receive updates, collaborate on common strategies and priorities, and share solutions to common challenges.  

Target Audience:  McKinney-Vento Liaisons, any staff member who works directly with students in unstable housing situations.

Skyward Users Group

Topics include new features, skyward features typically used during specific times of the year, state reporting, and more.

Target Audience: Office staff and regular Skyward users

Regional Literacy Leaders

Saginaw ISD and Bay Arenac ISD will offer Literacy Leaders for K-12 educators. Leaders will use the Institute of Education Sciences practice guide to deepen understanding and application of best practices in writing instruction. Events will feature guest speakers, article reviews, discussion, and a book study to provide actionable steps to transfer into classroom instruction.

Target Audience: PK-12 educators, coaches, interventionists, administration, special education teachers