A mini trip or day trip to Hartley is the perfect field trip to get students outdoors and experiencing nature first-hand. Mini trips are 90-minute sessions costing $5.00 per person with a $74.00 minimum per trip. Day trips are two 90-minute sessions costing $10.00 per person with a $150.00 minimum per trip. A sack lunch break is held between the two sessions. The classes below are offered.

Contact Hartley at (989) 865-6295 to plan a trip.

Mini and Day Trip Classes

Class Description


Learn the basics of archery and test learned skills on the range. Led by a certified Hartley instructor.

Coal Mine No. 8

Visit the site and museum of Michigan's longest-running coal mine.

Confidence Course

Build teamwork and develop confidence working through a series of challenges.

Hartley Nature Spies

Explore the Hartley property on a nature walk to test your powers of observation.

Insect Treasure Hunt

Catch, classify, and release insects and their kin.

Mini Archaeology Dig

Uncover artifacts from Michigan's coal mining days.

People of the Woods

Visit a replica Woodland Native American Campsite. 

Schroeder Log Cabin

Visit a century-old home from the Michigan frontier.


Hands-on experiments are used to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Tree ID and Leaf Collection

An autumn opportunity to identify and collect leaves.

Wetland Romp

Explore Hartley's wetlands in search of aquatic organisms.