Transition services are a coordinated set of activities for students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Transition services are designed to support promote the transition from school to post-high school activities, including vocational training, employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, and community participation. Transition is an integral part of a student's high school and post-high school experience. Within this comes many unknowns and questions when the process starts. Below is a helpful list of resources and information about this exciting and challenging time in a student's life. Transition is a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability. The IEP case manager, Transition Coordinator, and IEP team support this process with the student and their family as they navigate through high school. Transition planning typically starts at age 14 and is required by law to begin no later than age 16 with a statement of transition planning. MRS and the School to Work team can provide valuable information, tools, and services for students who are eligible to work and want to find employment. Each student's transition plan is reviewed at least annually during the IEP meeting to identify career and post-secondary goals once the student exits high school. 

For more information about the Saginaw ISD Transitions Services, contact Mitch Wheatcraft, SISD Transitions Coordinator, by emailing or calling (989) 399-7400.