Bring a Hartley naturalist directly to your classroom for an in-school lesson. Hartley naturalists provide engaging and interactive programs without all the additional challenges of traveling off school grounds. There are a variety of programs to choose from that enhance classroom curriculum while providing a fun and unique learning experience. Hartley defines a classroom as 35 people or less and one class period which is approximately 1.5 hours. One visit costs the following per number of classrooms: one classroom is $250.00, two classrooms cost $425.00, three classrooms cost $600.00, and three-plus classrooms cost $550.00. Call Hartley at (989) 865-6295 to schedule a traveling naturalist to visit your school.

Class Title

Class Description

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president makes a special appearance in your class as he tells the story of his life from childhood to death. He shares little-known facts about himself and first-person accounts about how he was honest and lucky. Students will feel as if they have just met the man in the tall hat and beard personally.

Slithers, Shells, and Slimy Ones

Get an up-close and personal look at some of the reptiles and amphibians of Michigan including Shirley the Box Turtle (star of the "Lost in the Woods" movie). The characteristics of reptiles and amphibians are reviewed, their habits and lifestyles are discussed, and their importance to us as indicators of climate change may be included in the presentation. Students get to meet some of Michigan's slithery, shelly & slimy friends.

The French Voyageur

Relive a year in the life of French voyageur, Jean-Paul LeFranc. Jean-Paul LeFranc will guide students from Montreal to the Grand Portage in Minnesota and back. This lively course immersively teaches students the duties men had within the canoe, the food they ate, their traditional form of dress, and the purpose of their trips as voyageurs.