celebrating leadership: ruth ann knapp

Saginaw Intermediate School District would like to recognize SISD Board of Education Trustee Ruth Ann Knapp on her recent 10-Year Service Award from Positive Results Downtown Saginaw (PRIDE, Inc.), where she recently passed on her presidency to Andrea Heilbronn-Fischer. "It is wonderful to celebrate Ms. Knapp's modeled leadership as a president and engaged member of the PRIDE board. It is equally as great to recognize the voluntary leadership contributions made throughout our county by Saginaw ISD board members," stated Dr. Jeffrey Collier, superintendent of Saginaw ISD. For more about the SISD Board of Education, please click here.

Ruth Ann Knapp Biography

Ruth Ann Knapp, a current elected school board member of the Saginaw Public School District, was selected to serve on Saginaw Intermediate School District’s Board of Education in July of 2021. 

Ruth Ann Knapp was born in Michigan and raised in rural Idaho.  She began teaching for two years in Oregon before transitioning back to Saginaw, where she taught for more than 40 years in the Saginaw Public School District.  Throughout her teaching career, she predominantly taught elementary music, with experience in nearly all of Saginaw Public’s elementary schools.  She also served as the district’s K-12 Music Coordinator and Fine Arts Coordinator.  

Ms. Knapp actively volunteers with art shows, including the Saginaw County Art Show held at Fashion Square Mall each spring.  She is also a past president of Positive Results Downtown Saginaw (PRIDE) and works on Saginaw’s Christmas and Memorial Day Parades, Holidays in the Heart of the City, and Friday Night Live.  She is a former Director of the Saginaw Kids Choir and has twice served with the Michigan Music Education Association as President and founded its Archives and Government Relations Program.  Further, Ruth Ann is a member of the local NAACP leadership team and volunteers for Arson Watch as a committee member.  In 2018, she received the All-Area Arts Award, and in 2021 received the Whitney E. Young Jr. Service Award.  

About Positive Results Downtown Saginaw

Positive Results Downtown Saginaw is an organization of volunteers formed to develop and promote Downtown Saginaw. It was started in 1975 through the joint efforts of the downtown business community, the Junior League, and the City of Saginaw to stop the exodus of business, the erosion of the tax base, and the deterioration in the Central Business District. The goals of Positive Results Downtown Saginaw are to attract new business to the downtown, encourage and support the existing business and professional community, and improve and beautify the downtown environment.

Positive Results Downtown Saginaw's board of directors is elected from community leadership throughout Saginaw County. Funding is obtained through annual contributions from business and professional groups, private individuals, and the Annual Fundraiser.

Positive Results Downtown Saginaw is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization, and contributions are fully tax deductible.

Positive Results Downtown Saginaw is a group of volunteers concerned with and interested in Downtown Saginaw. It strives to create a positive, constructive image of the Downtown area, unify, coordinate, and support the common efforts of various organizations, and promote and stimulate ongoing activities attractive to people and businesses.

Positive Results Downtown Saginaw is a non-profit corporation that continues to contribute to the cultural, social, recreational, and economic life of the Saginaw community. For more information, please visit: https://www.prideinsaginaw.org.

About Saginaw ISD

Saginaw Intermediate School District (SISD) is an educational service agency that provides effective and innovative leadership, services, resources, and programs throughout Saginaw County. Saginaw ISD provides career and technical education, early childhood, finance, human resources, instruction, pupil accounting, special education, technology, and transportation services. In addition, SISD operates multiple educational programs to meet the unique needs of students ages birth to 26 across Saginaw County, including: Hartley Outdoor Education Center, Head Start/Early Head Start and Great Start to Readiness Programs, Great Lakes Bay Early College, Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center School, and Special Education Center Programs.

Saginaw ISD serves 12 local school districts, six public school academies, and 22 non-public schools, with a total enrollment of approximately 26,000 students. Public school districts supported include: Birch Run Area Schools, Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District, Carrollton Public Schools, Chesaning Union Schools, Frankenmuth School District, Freeland Community School District, Hemlock Public School District, Merrill Community Schools, Saginaw Public School District, Saginaw Township Community Schools, St. Charles Community Schools, and Swan Valley School District.