Laurasue Holcomb Joins Board of Education

Laurasue Holcomb, Board of Education President at St. Charles Community Schools since 2019, joined the Saginaw ISD Board of Education effective Wednesday, October 14, 2020. Mrs. Holcomb is a native of St. Charles, and graduate of St. Charles Community High School.

Mrs. Holcomb received an associate degree in general studies, associate degree in fine arts, and an associate degree in business from Delta College. During that time, she also earned an advanced certificate in liberal arts. Prior to her studies, Mrs. Holcomb served in the United States Air Force until she was honorably discharged in 1988. Since 2008, Mrs. Holcomb has been employed with the Saginaw County Court System; starting in the criminal division and now working for the Friend of the Court.

Mrs. Holcomb was elected to the St. Charles Board of Education in 2010, holding offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary. During her time on the board, she became a Michigan Association of School Board’s (MASB) certified Board Member and spent one term on MASB’s Resolutions and Bylaws committee. Mrs. Holcomb has received several MASB awards for class certifications including the Level 2 Award of Merit, Level 3 Award of Distinction, the Data Skills Specialty Award, Level 5 Master Diamond Award, and the Advocacy Skills Specialty Award.

In addition to her current commitments, Mrs. Holcomb is also part of the emergency unit for the Saginaw County Reserve Sheriff, member of the Delta College Scholarship Committee, Chair for the Michigan Color Guard Circuit (MCGC) Scholarship Committee, MCGC contest director, and volunteer for the Winter Guard International (WGI).

Laurasue Holcomb is happily married to Darold Holcomb since 1998. Together they have two children, Stefan and Cullen Book, who are also graduates of St. Charles High School.