Saginaw Career Complex Pole Barn

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN –  Saginaw Public School District’s Saginaw Career Complex (SCC), in partnership with Saginaw Intermediate School District’s Career and Technical Education Department, was awarded a $10,000 CARES Grant from the Hemlock Semiconductor Community and Regional Empowerment Fund, administered by the Saginaw Community Foundation.  Funds have been allocated to build a 48’ x 36’ pole barn to house materials for the Building and Construction program and to create additional space in the construction lab for student learning.

The Building Construction program at Saginaw Career Complex has grown in student enrollment by 342% over the last seven years.  As the future for careers in construction is projected to increase to 7.5 million jobs available by 2026, additional lab space creates room for growth.  The pole barn will serve as a storage solution to allow expansion within the program for increased enrollment, additional space for hands-on learning, and provide work-based student learning experiences during the 2021-22 school year. 

Integral to the career and technical education programs, students must participate in work-based learning experiences that provide them with career training and preparedness.  SSC students will be actively involved in constructing the pole barn alongside instructional staff.  Local employers will mentor students throughout certain phases of the project, such as; pouring the foundation, slab-on-grade, and electrical work.  The mentorship between employers and students provides opportunities for students to hone their technical skills, communication skills, inventory management, blueprint reading, and networking experience with their mentors and peers.  This mentorship will also allow employers to become acquainted with students within the program which may help perpetuate necessitated skilled employment throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

Jenny Geno, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education at Saginaw Intermediate School District, said, “Work-based learning is one of the most impactful things a student can do to both prepare them for the workforce and assist them with identifying their career path.  To make an informed career choice, experience is key.  We are extremely grateful for funding to build the pole barn which provides a work-based learning experience for Saginaw Career Complex’s Building and Construction students.”

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