December 2, 2021 

Saginaw County Parents:

Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of the victims, their families, and everyone impacted by Tuesday afternoon’s horrendous event in Oxford, Michigan.  No community should ever have to endure such a tragedy.

This traumatic event has generated numerous rumors via social media which have created an element of disruption in schools across the State of Michigan.  Saginaw County schools and law enforcement take threats seriously and investigate them thoroughly in accordance with our Critical Incident Management Plan.  Saginaw County schools will continue to remain open to serve students.      

Students, families, or other individuals who have information about any potentially harmful event should immediately contact local law enforcement and school officials directly:  Call 911, or report anonymously via OK2SAY.  Contact OK2SAY via phone: 855-565-2729,or text: 652729, or email: OK2SAY@mi.gov.

Saginaw County Superintendents, local law enforcement, and the Saginaw County Prosecutor are asking parents to please take the time and talk with their child(ren) about the incident that occurred in Oxford and the consequences of these subsequent posts.  Please help us emphasize with your child(ren) the disruptions to the school environment and the extraordinary strain that is being placed on local law enforcement that is trying to investigate each of them.

The consequences of any false threats should also be explained.  Making threats of violence against a school is a crime - even if the threat is false or a “joke,” and sharing or posting unknown threats is extremely traumatizing.  Under Michigan Law, anyone who commits a False Report or Threat of Terrorism is subject to penalties that include 20 years’ prison sentence and/or $20,000 as well as reimbursement for expenses incurred from the violation.  Also, using a computer to commit a crime in certain instances also contains a 20-year maximum penalty.  Please speak to your children and assure them law enforcement will investigate every threat and take necessary action to protect our communities.

For support in helping parents talk with their children see The National Association of School Psychologists -Talking to Children about Violence, Tips for Parents and Teachers.

The safety of your children remains our highest priority and focus. Please rest assured that all steps are being taken to provide your child with a safe and secure learning environment.

John McColgan
Prosecuting Attorney County of Saginaw

Miguel Gomez
Undersheriff County of Saginaw

David Bush
Superintendent Birch Run Area Schools

Mark Whelton
Superintendent Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District

Jill Wrzesinski
Interim Superintendent Carrollton Public Schools

Michael McGough
Superintendent Chesaning Union Schools

Grant Hegenauer
Superintendent Frankenmuth School District

Matthew A. Cairy
Superintendent Freeland Community School District

Don Killingbeck, Ed.D.
Superintendent Hemlock Public School District

Gwen Glazier
Superintendent Merrill Community School District

Bruce Martin
Superintendent Saginaw Township Community Schools

Ramont M. Roberts, Ph.D.
Superintendent School District of the City of Saginaw

Michael R. Decker
Superintendent St. Charles Community Schools

Mat McRae
Superintendent Swan Valley School District

Jeffrey Collier, Ed.D.
Superintendent Saginaw Intermediate School District