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Jill Eustace is one of four SISD physical therapists who travel throughout Saginaw County serving students with disabilities and consulting with school staff. 

Not only does Jill help her students become more independent, she works with staff members on proper “lifting” techniques so they don't hurt themselves when lifting and transferring students.

Jill typically spends one day a week in Chesaning and Saginaw Township and a couple of days at Millet Learning Center. She also works with a homebound student. 

She primarily assists students in the special education program, but also works with others who are challenged by a physical disability of some kind.

"We want our students to be as independent as possible," Jill said. "We do our best to keep our kids optimally-positioned."

Keeping kids “optimally-positioned” means she helps students with stretching, strength, balance, adjust braces, and trains students how to use their walkers and safely operate their wheelchairs, whether manual or powered.  

Jill also works with the families of students on their insurance paperwork to see they have the essential equipment they need.

"Jill's the best," said Amanda Smith, a special education supervisor in the Saginaw ISD. "Jill has a wonderful calming presence. She makes sure every child gets what they need and she gets family members and school staff all doing what they can in support.”    

Ms. Eustace  is just one of the over 370 individuals at the Saginaw ISD who support students with special needs in our local school districts across Saginaw County.