With Sara Davenport’s passion for Early Childhood Education and helping students with disabilities, her talents are the perfect fit for her position as lead teacher for the Early Childhood Special Education program at Big Rock Elementary in Chesaning. 

 "I've always been drawn toward early childhood education," said Sara, who currently teaches eight children in the program, ages 3-to-5. 

The students in Sara’s classroom have a range of disabilities that case developmental delays. . Many come to her from Saginaw ISD’s  Early On program or from referrals. 

She works with students one-to-one and also provides small and large group activities to prepare them for kindergarten.

 "Seeing my students achieve a goal they have been working on is unlike any other feeling as a teacher," Sara said. "Then celebrating that achievement with the student's parent or family member just multiplies the pride and joy for everyone." 

Special Education Supervisor Karla Parker said Sara is very diligent and provides the individual care each child needs to succeed. 

 "I’m not surprised by the success and confidence Sara inspires in her students,” Karla said. “She's a very creative, empathetic and caring teacher."