orange spot recognition

Saginaw Intermediate School District would like to celebrate Kalee Wortley, Special Education Teacher at Millet Learning Center, for her May "Orange Spots" recognition. Kalee was nominated multiple times in May for going above and beyond for our students. Saginaw ISD is thankful for Kalee's continued effort in her everyday work. We are honored to have her on our team. Ms. Wortley was nominated by her coworker Kim Miller with the statement below:

"Kalee has been working hard all year to learn how to implement specific skills-based training protocols for one of her students.  This learning has involved engaging in online training, participating in weekly meetings, and implementing treatment sessions. As a result of her teaching, Kalee's student has developed a functional communication response and a tolerance response and can relinquish preferred items, transition to a work area, and complete a presented task. These skills are foundational in eliminating challenging behaviors. Thank you for bringing back the joy, Kalee!"

More About "Orange Spots"

Every month Saginaw ISD employees internally nominate their SISD teammates that they have observed exhibiting 'orange spots' as they go the extra mile to serve, innovate, and empower our students, co-workers, and customers. "Orange Spots" is an offshoot of our "Orange Frog" Happiness Advantage Initiative, originally coined by Shawn Achor and his positive psychology ideology.