Saginaw Intermediate School District (Saginaw ISD) is pleased to announce that our ten-year Saginaw County-wide special education millage ballot initiative was successful in yesterday’s November general election. Dr. Jeffrey Collier, Superintendent of Saginaw ISD, stated, “I am thankful for the affirmative support of our Saginaw County constituency, and especially grateful to the staff, parents, students, local school district leaders, and community members who helped us inform our voters about the game-changing importance of this special education millage proposal.” 

This successful ballot initiative results in more unrestricted dollars for our county schools’ general fund budgets, with local district leadership empowered to decide how to best utilize these critical funds for the educational needs of the county’s 26,000 public school students, 12 local public school districts, and six public school academies. "Yesterday, the voters of Saginaw County came together and positively changed the course for our local school districts and public school academies by providing an enhanced funding source that will better provide high-quality services for our students with disabilities for years to come,” said Erin Senkowski, Executive Director of Special Education. She continued, “This millage will have a long-lasting impact for all of our students across Saginaw ISD, no matter their zip code.” 

Saginaw ISD is eager to advance the excellent partnerships with our local districts as we collectively continue to provide the highest caliber of educational opportunities for Saginaw County students. David Krantz, Director of Special Education, emphasized, “We look forward to working with all of our local districts to provide enhanced educational opportunities for every Saginaw County public school student.” If you wish to read more on the Saginaw ISD Special Education Millage, please visit our archived website.