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The 2021-2022 cohort of the Gerstacker Fellowship Program has begun a year-long leadership training program. The 14 members of the 15th Gerstacker Fellows cohort are (from left) John Folsom, Bay City Public Schools; Stephanie Hayward, Reese Public Schools; Kelly Frank, Iosco Regional Education Service Agency; Stacey Luberda-Criner, Alma Public Schools; Sarah Cooper, Midland Public Schools; Nancy Mahoney, Clarkston Community Schools; Rebeka D’Haene, Saginaw Township Schools; Sean Kelly, Oak Park Schools; Amanda Murray, Michigan International Prep School; Joshua Wrinkle, Rochester High School; Julie Alley, Port Huron Area Schools; Lisa Morford, Saginaw Intermediate School District; Tiffany Peterson, Carrollton Public Schools; Rachel Reid, Saginaw Public Schools.
Applications open today for a bipartisan $350 million grant program to support 8,000+ childcare businesses and bonuses for thousands of childcare professionals.
Jenny Geno, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education
Michigan Tri-Share Child Care Program
High school student Tyree’ Alexander shows off his robot programming skills with equipment provided by SMEEF’s PRIME initiative. (All Images provide by SME Photo/Bruce Morey)
State Senator Ken Horn and 95th district State Representative Amos O'Neal joined Rob Luce, Vice president of the SME Education foundation, and his PRIME crew as the program is formally introduced at the Saginaw Career Complex (Photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)
SME PRIME Summer Camp
Saginaw Career Complex Pole Barn
Jeffrey Collier, Ruth Ann Knapp, Scott Sawyer
Registration Open for the 2nd Annual  Home-Based Virtual Mini-Conference
SVSU, MiSTEM Recognize, Reward ‘STEM Stars’
Mexican American Council
Saginaw County Youth Ambassadors  Selected for Second Cohort
Great Start to Quality Eastern Resource Center  Expands Program Services into Genesee County
Hartley Outdoor Classroom Pavilion Rendering
2021 Turnaround Achievement Awards Recipient
Amy Wassmann 2021 Harrison Award