Dana Polzin’s Post Secondary POHI students use big foam dice and iPads to “Roll to 100” to celebrate the 100th day of school. #SaginawISD
about 13 hours ago, Dana Polzin
teacher rolling a foam die
student working on iPad
student working on iPad
student working on iPad
@SaginawISD Executive Director of HR, Andrea Wise, and Deputy Superintendent, @ScottNSawyer, were excited to present for MSBO on Use of Technology in HR for 77 school Human Resources leaders from across the State of Michigan!
about 7 hours ago, Coty Kuschinsky
We have a student that we have been working with to use a honey bear cup and straw. Today, she was holding the cup by herself and drinking out of it without any assistance. #SaginawISD #MilletLearningCenter
about 13 hours ago, Zoey Parker
Spark the Frog
Michigan Dyslexia Handbook Professional Development at Millet Learning Center with Shelly Proebstle and Dr. Kim St. Martin. #OurStory #SaginawISD #LeadingLearning
about 14 hours ago, Chris Bolen
Dyslexia PD at Millet
It’s essential for teachers & students to know how to search safely and efficiently for reliable information. This course provides educational database links to safe, accurate sites and helps you learn to evaluate internet info for authenticity. Register: https://bit.ly/remcsafe
about 14 hours ago, Mark Lyons
Search Safely
Home Basics II students tried something new this week- Avocado Toast! #MilletMustangs
about 14 hours ago, Lindsey Jakes
Paraprofessional, Patti Trier, having fun celebrating the 100th day of school at Millet Learning Center. It feels good to be 100 days smarter.
about 15 hours ago, Dana Polzin
lady dressed as older woman
Let us celebrate Black History. The link below humanizes history through the lives, tragedies and triumphs of people, and pays tribute to Black pioneers' trailblazing contributions. #OurStory #SaginawISD https://nmaahc.si.edu/explore/initiatives/black-history-month-2023
about 19 hours ago, Viloshinee Murugan
Join us in celebrating  Black History 2023 #Ourstory #Saginaw ISD
Welcome, and congratulations again, to new Saginaw Valley State University President, Dr. George Grant. It was excellent to listen to President Grant address the Board of Fellows today! #SAGINAWesome #OurStory
1 day ago, Jeffrey Collier
svsu president
Dr. Grant
Today we celebrate “Middle Management Day” for Behavior Support Specialist, Jon Lefevre and Targeted Technical Assistance Consultant, Trish Duran! #SaginawISD #StaffAppreciation
1 day ago, Chelsea Korzecki
middle management day
Don't forget to sign up for our VR experience on Wednesday Feb 1st between 2-4 pm. Sign up at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19ztYiz3jOqyJDHT4kYoB8ZtIZ9PnT58O_9hM00lrrpk/edit
1 day ago, Viloshinee Murugan
Celebrating Black History and Achievements everyday
Socializing after lunch in Mr.Proulx MoCi high school classroom.
1 day ago, Rachel Chernenko
Socializing after lunch in Mr.Proulx MoCi high school classroom.
Birch Run Head Start students are studying boxes and they voted to make a castle! #SaginawISD #OurStory
2 days ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Children building their castle!
Castle completed!!
Birch Run Annex Head Start children studied boxes and voted to build their own black bear!! Our children are so creative!! #SaginawISD #OurStory
2 days ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Black Bear Tail
Black Bear Face
Positive psychology research shows that exercise and movement can improve your mind, happiness, and engagement. Can you find 15 minutes each day for a walk, run, stretch, or other fun 15-minute exercise? #OurStory #SaginawISD #BeWell #Fun15
2 days ago, Scott Sawyer
Teams from across Saginaw County attended professional learning at SISD today. Many thanks to Amy Basket from MiMTSS for a fantastic presentation on Early Warning Systems. Great collaboration and discussion!
3 days ago, Jon Lefevre
Congratulations to Connie Griffore and the Careers in Education and Teacher Academy program on her recognition as an Excellence in Practice state recipient!!
3 days ago, Jenny Geno
Expressing immense gratitude to all of our bus drivers, bus parapros, mechanics, leadership, and entire transportation team for the incredibly safe, reliable, and professional student bus services that are provided for our community! #OurStory #SaginawISD
3 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
school bus
How can positive storytelling improve your own happiness? Positive psychology research shows sharing positive news can retrain the brain to seek happiness, rather than negativity. Share your positive story and grow your Happiness Advantage! #OurStory #SaginawISD
3 days ago, Scott Sawyer
Orange Frog
The SISD YCAN program had a great time on their private tour of Delta on Friday.
4 days ago, Linzy Barr
YCAN Delta
Delta Media