See Ms. Sabrina Jackson's TV interview with local channel ABC 12 regarding the Governor's proposal to expand Michigan's GSRP preschool:
4 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
See Dr. Taylor's TV interview with local NBC 25 and FOX 66, regarding the Governor's proposal to expand 4 year-old enrollment into Michigan's GSRP preschool:
4 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
Listen in and enjoy our newest national Podcast conversation with SchoolCEO about the creation of #OurStory and active efforts at #SaginawISD to create what Dr. Collier has named the "collective authorship" process of positive organizational storytelling.
5 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
school ceo
podcast description
podcast description
podcast description
Positive psychology research shows we need to share our positive stories. When a beloved pet goes missing, we hang up reward signs. When the pet is found, shouldn't we share: the dog is home? Share your positive stories today! #OurStory #SaginawISD #HappinessAdvantage
5 days ago, Scott Sawyer
The Dog Is Home
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Collier had an excellent visit and tour today of Au Gres-Sims School District's newly renovated beautiful campus to consider design choices for our #SaginawISD Jerome Preschool #STEM campus capital project. #OurStory
5 days ago, Jeffrey Collier
Au Gres-Sims administrators
Au Gres-Sims
Au Gres-Sims
Au Gres-Sims
Last evening, the Great Start to Quality Eastern Resource Center held their 3rd annual home-based mini conference for home based child care teachers & caregivers. It was an exciting event with three fantastic presentations, including one on Bridging the Gap by Dr. Ericka Taylor. This session focused on supporting children and their families transitioning from child care to kindergarten.
5 days ago, Julie Bash
Dr. Taylor presents
presentation on outdoor environments
Congratulations to our #MilletMustang PBIS winners this week! Millet students are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible! #SaginawISD #OurStory
5 days ago, Julie Clauss
International Holocaust Remembrance Day honors the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and victims of Nazism. Let's educate ourselves and others to prevent future genocides. #SaginawISD #OurStory
5 days ago, Viloshinee Murugan
International Holocaust Day
Stephanie Ahrens SCI class was excited about using their tickets to shop in the newly opened Mustang Market. #PBIS #MilletMustangs
6 days ago, Stephanie Ahrens
girl and boy with tickets
teacher helping students
students waiting to use their tickets
What are you doing to support your own and others' happiness? #OurStory #HappinessAdvantage #SaginawISD
6 days ago, Scott Sawyer
Happiness Fuels Success
A cinematic VR experience on Feb 1st. time slots are open until filled, spots are limited. We will be using VR headsets to explore the video Traveling While Black.
6 days ago, Viloshinee Murugan
Black History
Hartley has turned into a winter wonderland. #HartleyOEC #SISD
6 days ago, Samantha Simons
Positive Psychology Happiness Advantage research shows positive brains outperform negative brains. How can you engage others in a positive mindset? #OurStory #PositiveStorytelling #SaginawISD #HappinessAdvantage
6 days ago, Scott Sawyer
Choose Happiness
Don’t let your digital life consume you! Learn & teach your students how to manage digital demands and use tools efficiently to meet goals. Examine your Digital Footprint, customize devices and learn online safety to build control & balance. Starts 2/6:
6 days ago, Mark Lyons
My Classroom in the digital age
Head Start/Early Head Start Winter Ball was a success!! #SaginawISD #Ourstory
6 days ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Beautifully decorated
Lots of dancing!
Parent raffle winner!
More dancing fun!
Thank you to Mr. J’s catering and CMURC for helping with our second Superintendents’ Reception for our new team members! #SaginawISD #OurStory
6 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
Dave Krantz, Director of Special Education presents SE Law & Compliance to new SISD Ancillary Staff and Millet Learning Center Teachers. #SaginawISD
6 days ago, Chelsea Korzecki
se law
Mrs. Jakes' Life Skills II class practiced their socialization skills with a few games of Uno.
6 days ago, Lindsey Jakes
University of Michigan is looking to interview K-12 STEM teachers who might be interested in participating in a study on How Do ELL students learn programming. Participants will be compensated. Details can be found on the attached flyer. BIT.LY/K12PERCEPTIONS
6 days ago, Mark Lyons
U of M
Celebrating two great @SaginawISD employees: Natalijia in HR is full of knowledge, positivity, and helpfulness working with Chris who helps support and educate special needs students in job skills. #OurStory #SaginawISD
7 days ago, Scott Sawyer