Our STEM director wanted to thank the entire Hartley Outdoor Education Center staff for inviting him out to run a meeting using a unique technique called Scrum. Thank you Castle Museum of Saginaw for the beautiful venue to host.
over 1 year ago, Mark Lyons
The hartley crew
Sticky notes for the win
The wins
The teams
Active classrooms equal engaged kids! In this Maker Movement introductory course you will learn to transform your classroom and emphasize making, inventing and creativity. Join the Maker Movement now! Earn 10 FREE SCECHs, starts Sept. 12th. Register here: https://bit.ly/3dXg7hr
over 1 year ago, Mark Lyons
Maker Movement
#SaginawISD Brunkow Open House. Teachers was so excited to meet their parents and students and engage with one another focusing on math games. Our student's did not want to leave school. #Ourstory
over 1 year ago, Betty Nash
Signing in
Welcome Parents
Welcome Brunkow Students
#MilletMustangs couldn’t consistently provide high quality services for their students without the support of fantastic substitutes! One teacher remarked that her substitute parapro “….is wonderful! She is curious and asks questions and doesn’t hesitate to help. She anticipates what needs to be done and when given an task she can manage it on her own. We really enjoyed having her in class today!”
over 1 year ago, Julie Clauss
Stacey Smyczynski and Jon LeFevre did a fantastic job presenting on mental health supports and caring for each other in Frankenmuth today! #SaginawISD
over 1 year ago, Dave Krantz
Head Start Open House fun at Merrill and Arrowwood!! #SaginawISD #OurStory
over 1 year ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Corey at Merrill
Laurie and Demarion at Arrowwood
Awesome and thought provoking Implicit Bias Training by Denise Evans, Owner at Consult Me, LLC at the Region 5 Perinatal Quality Collaborative Fall Summit. #SaginawISD
over 1 year ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
Denise Evans
Enjoying great and informative presentations at the Region 5 Perinatal Quality Collaborative Fall Summit! The Count the Kicks information is vital to reducing stillbirths.
over 1 year ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
count the kicks
Social media enables educators to lead and learn from anywhere. Explore how social media tools can build and expand professional networks and create opportunities for authentic learning experiences for students. Register now, starts September 12th: https://bit.ly/3AQQbx5
over 1 year ago, Mark Lyons
Social Media Strategies for Designing
The simplest way of learning is by asking questions. Explore how to nurture a culture of curiosity by helping students formulate great questions through the Integration of technology. Participants leave with lesson plans focused on inquiry. Starts 9/12: https://bit.ly/3dZdtb4
over 1 year ago, Mark Lyons
Inquiry and questions
NEWLY LAUNCHED: We are happy to announce our new employment opportunities webpage. Join our team by clicking here: https://www.sisd.cc/o/saginaw-isd/page/join-our-team
over 1 year ago, Andrea Wise
Our Story webpage
Meditation is an excellent way to reduce negative emotions and increase your focus on the present, and Ms. Polzin’s class utilizes daily meditation to do just that! #MilletMustangs #meditatedaily
over 1 year ago, Julie Clauss
#NowHiring Saginaw ISD has many opportunities for you to join our team, click here for more information about our open positions: https://www.sisd.cc/o/saginaw-isd/page/join-our-team
over 1 year ago, Saginaw ISD Human Resources
Now Hiring
Having fun with our Head Start staff playing music, participating in games and getting some great prizes!!
over 1 year ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
We were excited to welcome back our students at the Saginaw Career Complex today! It’s going to be a great year!
over 1 year ago, Jenny Geno
A great first day!
New teacher, Mr. Wiltse
Heading to class!
Awesome, awesome start to a great program year!!! Dr. LaCreta Clark did not disappoint!!! Staff left invigorated and inspired!!!
over 1 year ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
Thank you Dr. Taylor and Ms. Jackson for your leadership throughout our Early Education Department at #SaginawISD.
over 1 year ago, Jeffrey Collier
Early Childhood leadership
Dr. Taylor
Mondays are all about Motivational Messages at the #SaginawISD Transitions Center. This morning Mrs. Jakes, Mrs. Kowalski and Mrs. Uhrich all shared the same message...BE KIND! #spreadkindnesslikeconfetti
over 1 year ago, Brigette Uhrich
be kind
Our own Lindsay Riopelle and Bonnie Dutcher representing GSRP and Head Start at the Victorious Believers Ministry’s Back to School Rally!!!
over 1 year ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
GLBEC students in cohort 12 participate in team-building activities at the end of the first week of school.#SaginawISD #GLBEC #Early College
over 1 year ago, Kevin Summey
CS 1
CS 2