The GET-IT Cyber Challenge provides female high school students a unique opportunity to grow in their understanding of the technologies, processes and practices.
10 days ago, Mark Lyons
Cyber for females
Feeling overwhelmed & unorganized? Check out this course designed to help you become more productive, efficient & organized! Find apps and simple tech tools that can help you in your personal and professional life. Earn 10 SCECHs and register for free:
11 days ago, Mark Lyons
Increasing Efficiency and Productivity
Jon LeFevre visited North Elementary in Birch Run this morning and observed all sorts of amazing things! Students in Ms. Murray’s classroom had a 5 minute brain break that featured counting, exercise, 100% engagement and more smiles and laughs than could be counted! Great work!
11 days ago, Jon Lefevre
Tonight Julie Bash had the wonderful opportunity to connect with partners, child care programs, families, and the business community from Arenac and Northern Bay County to discuss local data around child care availability and the economic impact on the community. This townhall event, led by First Children's Finance, brought thoughtful partners together to address challenges and talk about community-based solutions to increase the supply of high quality affordable child care in rural communities.
11 days ago, Julie Bash
Economic Impact of Child Care
GLBEC student 11th grader Sophia Wellnitz, working as a Library Assistant at Delta College. #SaginawISD #GLBEC #EarlyCollege #DeltaCollege
11 days ago, Kevin Summey
Sophia W
Having a beary good time at the Home Base Institute!! #SaginawISD
11 days ago, Stephanie Eickholt
Bear sighting in Gatlinburg!
Gatlinburg, TN
Join Our Team! Saginaw Intermediate School District is seeking a Director of Instructional Services to provide instructional leadership throughout Saginaw County. Visit our website and select Join Our Team to apply!
11 days ago, Andrea Wise
We Are Hiring - Director of Instructional Services
On October 18th, 2022 educators will immerse in effective ways to design and deliver compelling lessons for the modern classroom. Click the link to sign up
11 days ago, Mark Lyons
Days of Discovery
Welcoming our new member, Rebecca Dockett, to the #SaginawISD Payroll and Human Resources team!
12 days ago, Annemarie Palmer
New HR/Payroll Member
Kicking off the Career Connection supporting career development plans for students at the Saginaw Career Complex!
12 days ago, Tina Bacigalupo
Our first Administrative Council gathering for the 2022/23 program year! #SAGINAWISD
12 days ago, Ericka M. Taylor, Ph.D.
pic 3
pic 2
pic 1
#DidYouKnow Saginaw ISD's Special Education Millage is on the November 8th ballot? If approved by voters, most Saginaw County households will pay 21¢ per day or less to benefit all public school students! #SEmillage
12 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
#DidYouKnow Saginaw ISD's Special Education Millage is on the November 8th ballot! 21 cents per day could help every public school student in Saginaw County! #SEmillage
MiTechKids is great for K-5 teachers seeking tech integration activities. This resource has instructional activities with clear learning objectives, vocabulary, planning tools, implementation steps & assessment options. Don’t stress, click here:
12 days ago, Mark Lyons
MiTech Kids from REMC
More ways to support our local Special Olympics. Check out these upcoming fundraiser events. #specialolympics #area22
12 days ago, Brigette Uhrich
Special Olympic flyer
GLBEC Student Spotlight. Featured is Olivia Hawkes in her final year in the Early College program. Olivia has a Co-op at Nexteer in the Engineering Finance Department. She is loving her experience at Nexteer and hopes to continue working there until she graduates from college. #SaginawISD #GLBEC #Early College #Nexteer
12 days ago, Kevin Summey
O. Hawkes
The Saginaw County Sheriff's Office will be hosting their Trunk or Treat event on October 22 from 1-3 pm at the Arthur Hill High School.
13 days ago, Viloshinee Murugan
Saginaw County Sheriff's Office Trunk or Treat
The College and Career Advisors spent the day at the Promoting The Publics conference at MSU.
14 days ago, Dennis Barlow
College Advisors enjoying the conference
More College Advisors
Dennis Barlow, Career Navigator, and Spencer Sandow, CCA at Heritage yapping it up
Dennis Barlow, Career Navigator, Regina Luera, CCA at Carrollton, and Shondresha Wrighten, CCA at Saginaw High enjoying lunch during the comference
What a terrific week forging fantastic partnerships with the Saginaw Career Complex! When the community works together toward a common goal, anything can be achieved!
15 days ago, Jenny Geno
Bridge the Gap
Mark Lyons had the opportunity to run a portion of the Hartley Foundation meeting at the beautiful Castle Museum. Board members participated in a Project Based activity called SCRUM.
15 days ago, Mark Lyons
the pillars
Mark talking with board members
Math Peer Tutors at the Great Lakes Bay Early College. Pictured (left to right). Savannah Bellinger, Peyton Baase, Abby Walz, and Hazen Stevens. #SaginawISD #GLBEC #Early College
15 days ago, Kevin Summey
Peer Tutors